Youthall is a full featured HR & talent management platform. Youthall brings the companies and young talents together.

Technical Details

At Youthall, we are using PHP with Symfony Framework. We are usign a relational database and also using some cool technologies like Elasticsearch, Redis etc.

What I Do?

I'm currently the lead backend developer of Youthall. I'm responsible for all backend development and deployments. We have semi-automatic deployment processes.

I plan the new features' technical details and mentoring our junior developers. Reviewing PR's and merging them to production.

What Did I Do?

I have built dozens of cool features at Youthall.

  • Converted the platform from "pay as you go" to SaaS. Built auto-charging subscription system. Customers can save credit cards and make payments automatically monthly or yearly basis. Also, this system includes upgrading and downgrading packages and discount coupons.
  • I have built a survey system which admins can create different kinds of questions and users can vote. Survey system was very handy. You can create multiple choice questions, preset choice questions, inputs or textarea questions. Also you can set some limitations for choices like maximum choice length or input requirements.
  • I have built a event ticketing system which companies can create paid events and users can buy tickets. I have used Vue.JS on the event creation page and backend is using Symfony Framework.
  • I have built a Rest API to feed the mobile applications. Rest API has the whole functionality of the web interface.
  • I have built a system called "Flow" which allows you to separate the candidates based on their profile and move them to the specific application steps.
  • I have built different kinds of batch import systems. (Importing candidates by email etc.)
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2021 Dec - 2022 June
Frontend Developer (Angular), Integrated Storyblok headless CMS.
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2020 Jun - 2020 Aug
.... Mobile Application
Mobile application written in React Native, 400K+ downloads. Yet another trivia game with ads and in-app purchases.
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2019 Dec - 2022 May
Speed Booster Pack
WordPress Plugin Developer, built speed optimization plugin.
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2018 Dec - 2020
Backend Developer, Built Rest API for mobile app with PHP and built admin and customer dashboards.
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2015 Oct - 2020 Jun
Megafonn Creative
Co-Founder of a digital agency, built dozens of websites
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